Taipei: Jun 27 — Jul 27 2020

Press Release

Wang­sim is glad to announce “Mar­tin Parr”, a solo exhib­i­tion of the renowned Brit­ish pho­to­graph­er. In col­lab­or­a­tion with Art Space by THE STU­DIO Taiwan, the pro­ject pays homage to the artist’s oeuvre blend­ing social satires with the kal­eido­scope of mod­ern life.

The present­a­tion fea­tures two of the most out­stand­ing series of the artist, Bored Couples and Com­mon Sense cre­ated in 1990s. In Bored Couples, Parr examined a ran­dom sample of rela­tion­ships in his pro­ject. Often depict­ing sense of dis­con­nec­tion, vacant eyes, and silence after din­ner between the woman and the man, Parr pin­points bore­dom and mono­gamy, the two ideas ingrained like memor­ies in our col­lect­ive con­scious­ness. At the main time, the view­ers also are giv­en the oppor­tun­ity to explore the vera­city of the cap­tion – is the bore­dom staged for the sake of art? Or is the stag­nant rela­tion­ship fully exposed and pro­cessed by the pic­tures? Often intend­ing to “cre­ate fric­tion out of pho­to­graphs”, the artist sheds light on human inter­ac­tions of many kinds and the audi­ence of the exhib­i­tion bounds to view the series with a fresh per­spect­ive when moment­ar­ily, lives both inside and out­side of the frame shriek to a full stop this year.