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Who we are:

WANGSIM unlocks the dynamic world of modern and contemporary art. Based in Hong Kong, we operate at the forefront of the global art scene, connecting discerning clients with exceptional works across all media. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful encounters between collectors and artists, fostering a deeper understanding of the art that shapes our times.

We provide tailored art advisory services, guiding individuals, corporations, and institutions in building collections that resonate with their unique visions. Our deep knowledge of the art market, coupled with our extensive network of artists, galleries, and curators, ensures strategic acquisitions that enhance both cultural and financial value.

Beyond brokerage, WANGSIM partners with leading institutions to realize museum-like exhibitions and immersive art experiences. We believe in the transformative power of art, and strive to create spaces where creativity and connoisseurship converge.

Our services

Art Consultancy:

Leveraging our extensive network and in-depth art world knowledge, WANGSIM’s art consultants guide discerning collectors through the acquisition process. We navigate galleries, artist studios, private collections, and auctions (domestic and international) to source exceptional works that align with your unique vision and collection goals. Expect a seamless and enriching journey as you build a portfolio that reflects your artistic sensibilities.

Collection Management:

WANGSIM goes beyond the transaction, offering comprehensive collection management services. Our meticulous team ensures the long-term care of your art, handling logistics like shipping and installation with precision. We partner with trusted specialists for vital services like conservation, framing, insurance, and appraisals. Additionally, we facilitate exhibition loan requests and maintain meticulous collection archives. With WANGSIM, your art thrives, and you gain a deeper understanding of its value and cultural significance.

Exhibitions and Creative Projects:

WANGSIM’s curatorial team transforms spaces into captivating artistic experiences. We curate museum-caliber exhibitions for corporate clients, showcasing emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Each presentation is meticulously tailored to educate, inspire, and ignite dialogue with the audience. We excel at both solo exhibitions and group presentations, fostering cultural engagement within various industries. From conception to execution, WANGSIM provides comprehensive project management, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. We handle liaison with artists and lenders, curate PR and marketing strategies, and orchestrate flawless installation for a truly immersive experience.

Wangsim Selects Program:

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional art with the Wangsim Selects Program. Our curators meticulously choose a diverse range of artworks, offering an exclusive online viewing experience. These curated selections are also available for intimate viewings at our Hong Kong and Shanghai showrooms, with additional locations planned. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the latest featured artists, upcoming exhibitions, and new showroom openings.

Exhibitions & Projects

COSMOS OF THOUGHTS: The Future Drawings Liu Cheng-Hsiang Art Exhibition

We are pleased to present Taiwan-based artist Liu Cheng-Hsiang’s first- ever Hong Kong solo exhibition, Cosmos of Thoughts: The Future Drawings, as part of the Y‑LOT SciTech Series. The high-tech, dual-venue presentation will feature a wide range of recent computer assisted digital artworks created by Liu.

Wangsim Selects: Hong Kong/ Shanghai Showroom Editions

Wangsim SELECTS  is a curated online viewing program of great arts for you and was initiated as a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic breakout in 2020. Since the Wangsim’s physical showroom opened in the summer of 2020, the program has witnessed 3 editions in Hong Kong and 1 in Shanghai with presentations of important contemporary art pieces.


蝴蝶效應: 台北當代藝術博覽會激起的漣漪

—Jan 22 2019—

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Magazine 43

Doors of Shanghai by Redic

—June 17 2019—



—Oct 31 2019—

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