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Who we are:

WANG­SIM is an art trad­ing and con­sultancy firm spe­cial­iz­ing in mod­ern and con­tem­por­ary art.

Foun­ded in Hong Kong but oper­at­ing with­in the frame of the glob­al art world, we carry a mis­sion of present­ing both emer­ging and estab­lished art across all media.

In part­ner­ship with a wide vari­ety of artists, gal­ler­ies and art insti­tu­tions, we advise our cli­ents on all the invest­ments in art. With an under­stand­ing of dif­fer­ent levels of budget, we aim to deliv­er tailored and stra­tegic art solu­tions to help devel­op private, cor­por­ate, and insti­tu­tion­al col­lec­tions. We also work closely with our part­ners to cur­ate museum-qual­ity exhib­i­tions and spe­cial art events.

Our services

Art Consultancy:

Through exper­i­ence, edu­ca­tion­al back­ground and a strong net­work with­in the art world, we aim to edu­cate and guide in the pur­chase mak­ing pro­cess from gal­ler­ies, artist’s stu­di­os, private col­lec­tions, and at auc­tion — both domest­ic and abroad.

Collection Management:

We go bey­ond the art­work sale pro­cess to mat­ters such as ship­ping and install­a­tion, light­en­ing and fram­ing, res­tor­a­tion, insur­ance, apprais­als, exhib­i­tion loan request and col­lec­tion archives to ensure the best pos­sible exper­i­ence and care. We help you grow your col­lec­tion, know your col­lec­tion and under­stand its value.

Exhibitions and Creative Projects:

Wangsim’s cur­at­ori­al team works year round on exhib­i­tion, design, and cre­at­ive pro­jects man­age­ment, for our cooper­ate cli­ents in vari­ous indus­tries. From solo art exhib­i­tions to group present­a­tions of emer­ging, mid-career and estab­lished artist, we thrive to edu­cate and inspire. For bespoke spe­cial pro­jects and unique art events, we listen to our cli­ents and deliv­er com­pre­hens­ive art strategies to them as well as their end-cus­tom­ers. We spe­cial­ize in a wide range of door-to-door pro­ject ser­vices that includes liais­on with the organ­izers and lenders, PR and mar­ket­ing, artist live per­form­ance, art­works license applic­a­tion, fine art logist­ics, art­works install­a­tion.

Exhibitions & Projects

Out for Art @MO

Dur­ing the Shang­hai’s art filled Novem­ber, the inspir­ing group exhib­i­tion at Man­dar­in Ori­ent­al Pud­ong Shang­hai show­cases a wide range of import­ant works of 9 most cel­eb­rated con­tem­por­ary artists across the globe, pair­ing the Min­im­al­ist­ic mas­ter­pieces with the inter­na­tion­al Pop super­stars.

KAV54 Known/Unknown Journey

Wang­sim assists in organ­iz­ing and the cur­a­tion of the solo exhib­i­tion of Mer­ijn Kave­laars in Hong Kong. The present­a­tion fea­tures a series of canvases and paper works with a hand­some mix of acryl­ic paint and Chinese ink, which dive deep­er into his artist exper­i­ence as a res­id­ent artist of Young Artist in Residence@V54 as well as an urb­an wan­der­er in the city.

Doors of Shanghai

Wang­sim is pleased to present the first joint pro­ject in Shang­hai, China, Doors of Shang­hai by RED­IC, a three-day exhib­i­tion show­cas­ing Amer­ic­an artist REDIC’s long-run­­n­ing sculp­tur­al series Doors by Shang­hai and a suite of the most recent pho­to­graph­ic works from the artist’s Deriv­at­ives & Extrac­tion Series.


蝴蝶效應: 台北當代藝術博覽會激起的漣漪

—Jan 22 2019—

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Magazine 43

Doors of Shang­hai by Red­ic

—June 17 2019—



—Oct 31 2019—

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