Doors of Shanghai

Shanghai: June 14 — June 16 2019

Press Release

Wangsim is pleased to present the first joint project in Shanghai, China, Doors of Shanghai by REDIC, a three-day exhibition showcasing American artist Redic’s long running sculptural series Doors by Shanghai and a suite of the most recent photographic works from the artist’s Derivatives & Extraction Series.

Doors of Shanghai is inspired by the artist’s journey in Shanghai and strongly connects to the hum and buzz of daily life in Shanghai. Developed through formal vocabularies of assemblage art, the Doors all begin with a found, scavenged, or gifted exemplar of the titular object (doors and gates), then the artist improvises, covering them in mosaic tile, shards of glass and mirror, textiles, feathers, various cements, and—more than anything else—paint, most evident in the red base layers that transform the doors into “Doors.” The energetic paintings and objects on the doors appear the second time in the Derivatives & Extraction Series”, ultra-close- up photographs of details that then become the substrate for further painting and writing. Filled with dynamic colors and geometric shapes, the photographic works are essentially sculptural and are viewed as a microscopically thin envelope opening up to the wonderful artistry of Redic.

Installation View