KAV54 Known/Unknown Journey

Hong Kong: Nov 1 — Nov 11 2019

Press Release

Wang­sim assists in organ­iz­ing and the cur­a­tion of the solo exhib­i­tion of Mer­ijn Kave­laars in Hong Kong. The present­a­tion fea­tures a series of canvases and paper works with a hand­some mix of acryl­ic paint and Chinese ink, which dive deep­er into his artist exper­i­ence as a res­id­ent artist of Young Artist in Residence@V54 as well as an urb­an wan­der­er in the city.

With exuber­ant col­ors, organ­ic forms and abstract intox­ic­a­tion through­out the vari­ous spaces of V54, Mer­ijn Kave­laars invites the view­ers into a rare and uneasy pro­cess of get­ting to know/unknown a new place.

Installation View